Crane components
  • Our end carriage features multiple advanced concepts with the modular design principle, results in a compact structure and strong adaptiveness, which can be customized to create perfect drive solutions to suit the specific operating conditions and achieve a smooth operation, absolute safety and reliability with a high flexibility. The end girder is designed with anti-torque crankcase and equipped with Novocranes’ drive modules of motor reducer and travel wheels. It provides protections to the travel rails and is suitable for all sorts of operating conditions.




  • Novocranes’ drive unit is composed of an integrated motor, a gearbox and a brake. The drive module features compact size, high torque, smooth operation, low noise and long service life. We can provide you with the most cost effective solution to suit your specific requirements for an excellent long term value.




  • Given the rich experiences and expertise in crane control, Novocranes is able to provide you with full range of products with the best and optimal solutions to the most stringent and complicated applications.

    UControl pendent can be used together with other mechanical and electrical accessories to provide various of configurations. Flexibility, safety and reliability can be maintained by our remote control system.

    All our controller are ergonomic designed with an excellent operability and can be customized solutions to suit your specific requirements.




  • The sliding power supply system is highly reliable and durable to supply power to the drives and the control system. It’s safe and reliable, resistant to extreme temperature and vibrations. It has low energy loss and provides a smooth operation, easy installation and maintenance. It’s suitable for aggressive outdoor conditions and/or a severe dusty environment.

    We can provide sliding power supply system in multiple designs with different electrode numbers to suit your requirements.




  • We provide various quality lifting attachments according to client requirements, including fixed or adjustable lifting beams, permanent magnetic chuck, fixtures for steel pipes and other tools, to suit all your requirement of material handling and transportation. For whatever lifting solution you select, there are always hoisting tools we can offer to secure a safe, reliable and easy handling for your requirement.