Special Electric Hoists
  • Product Introduction

    The normal motorized hoists may generate large amount of fine particles during operation, hence they are not suitable for any applications with strict hygiene requirements in precision electronics, food or aviation industries. Novocranes has been conducting extensive research and developments for a final solution under these unusual applications. After many years of efforts, the series of NDR Electric Hoists has been successfully developed, which are suitable for the most hygiene required applications within industrial sectors of biotechnology, medical apparatus and instruments, pharmaceutical production, food production, semiconductor manufacturing. Supplied in various types of wire rope, chain hoist and crawler hoist, the capacity of series NDR hoists range from 50kg up to 32t and can be utilized to suit the applications of hygiene grade 1000.

    Depending on the applications and hygiene grading, Novocranes can provide you with an optimal final solution with its strong R&D capability and absolute expertise.

    With a fully enclosed drive module, the NDR clean room electric hoist is made of stainless steel and surface treated for anti-static and corrosion-free. NDR hoists have extremely high permeability, high adhesively and chemical stability, absolutely pollution free. They can be used for clean room production lines and/or maintenance in hygiene sensitive environments. The NDR hoists are reliable and pollution free for your hygiene sensitive applications.

    Given the globally fast growth of demands for clean room lifting equipment, Novocranes has developed a final solution of NDR series hoist for hygiene sensitive applications. We aim for leading the innovations and technologies in this field and we strive for providing safe, reliable and cost effective products to our customers.

    Product Benefits

    Safe and reliable

    High quality components are essential for excellence of products. The components of NDR hoists are stringently selected to meet the unique and high specifications. Novocranes pays full attension on every single component including motor, gearbox, drum, wire rope, all electrical and mechanical parts. We believe good quality and performace are from each single basic component.

    Compact structure

    The design of Novocranes’ NDR Clean Room Electric Hoist is a derivative of the NWH series. Featured by light weight, modular design and compact structure, this series of hoist provides customers with better material handling solutions. In view of the unique building structure Inside the clean room, the parts of the hoist are specially designed to enable the crane to lift loads of same height from different directions, providing ideal work space for crane operators and covering every corner of the clean room inside the hoisting and transporting coverage of the crane.

    Precise positioning

    We know deeply that our products are used to lift fragile and precious products. Therefore, the smooth and precise operation protects the components from vibration and shock. Sophisticated drive technology ensures precise control of the lifting motion. Ultra-low torque design and high strength structure ensure the consistent excellence of our equipment.

    Clean and eco-friendly

    Pursuant to the strict requirements on dust-free space, Novocranes selects the components which are not prone to produce particles, on the other hand, adopts enclosed design for moving components which may produce small particle, so as to avoid emission of particles and cross contaminations in the workshop. In the meantime, the sealed design and maintenance-free are adopted for bearings, reels and other lube required parts, combined with the leak-tight measures to ensure the spillage free.

    In addition, the driving equipment with excellent performance renders ultra-silent operation experience, making the operation environment much more comfortable and reflecting the people-oriented design concept.

    Product components
    Fully sealed design, special surface treatment and special anti-static coating not only effectively prevent dust emission but also avoid contamination by external fine particles.
    Wheel block
    Fully sealed design, stainless steel wheel, anti-rust coating on other parts to prevent contamination due to corrosions, seal lubricated and sealed bearings to prevent grease leakage or spillage.
    Wire rope
    High strength, ductile fiber rope leads to a wear-free result on thedrum and pulleys
    No lubrication
    No spillage.
    Stainless steel casing effectively prevents pollutions due to rust. Deeper groove assures the rope remain in order without a rope guider, hence no potential pollutions due to the friction bwteen the rope and guider.
    Hoisting drive
    Fully enclosed and sealed gearbox assures absolutely leak-free. High IP grade motor without fan prevents dust emissions due to transmission.
    Electrical control panel
    Electrical control system is designed with IP65 protection grade and the metal parts are made of stainless steel materials. Fasteners (bolts and nuts) are Decrement surface treated.
  • Product Introduction

    Novocranes is leading international manufacturer and service provider of electric hoists. Its technologies and expertise, combined with its most advanced and modern manufacturing facilities, Novocranes ensures the safety and reliability of each single product it offers. Novocranes provides a full range of anti-explosion and spark-free hoists. In a full compliance to all applicable safety standards and with careful considerations to customers’ operating contexts, our products are seen in wide applications within Food, Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Chemical industries and many other hazardous environments.

    Product Benefits

    Novocranes NATEX Explosion-proof Electric Hoists are manufactured in accordance with the latest European standard ATEX100a (94/09/CE) and various CE standards, fully complied with the applicable safety codes for explosion proof products. We can provide products suitable for 1 and 2 gas areas and 21 and 22 dust zones applications.

    Product components
  • Product Introduction

    The reliability of electric hoist equipped for turbine maintenance is crucial to sustaining the operation of a windmill. Given the intensifying energy shortage and deteriorating natural environment, there has been a globally growing demand for clean energies. As predicted by EWEA (European Wind Energy Association), the total installation of windmill in Europe will hit 22500MW. Following the uptrending windmill spread, the electric hoist with special designs has been developed to suit this unique application.

    The new NCH-W Wind Turbine electric chain hoist is an example of the perfect combinations between operational and safety, reliability and technology, modern design and styling. With features of compact design, light weight, high reliability and easy operability, the electric chain hoist has been dominating the light load lifting equipment in European windmills as well as in the world. The NCH-W chain hoist has standard multiple lifting speeds and multiple options to offer. The new wind turbine NCH-W electric chain hoist has been stringently tested and widely used, it’s of the best choice to suit the applications at windmills.

    Product Benefits

    The casing of NCH-W chain hoist is made of high tensile strength die cast or pressed aluminum with precise molding process of the thin wall extrusion to achieve the high strength and low weight in a compact design. The standard chain hoist has a separate reducer of which the two stages’ co-axial gears are oil bath lubricated for its durability. The functionality of overload protection is achieved via a powder metallurgical fabricated clutch. Electromagnetic disc brake ensuring a high torque, smooth, fast and quiet operation.

    The electric chain hoist has a wide range of applications mainly in various plants and in warehousing, wind power , logistics, port and construction industries for lifting or loading goods , lifting heavy materials to facilitate work or for the repair of large-sized machines. Electric chain hoist is manipulated by ground operators working on-spot or in the controlling room or by remote control via cable (wireless). Electric chain hoist can be fixed and hanged or equipped with electrical monorail trolley or manual monorail trolley when applied, providing flexible and efficient material handling solutions.

    Product components