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NDR Clean Room Electric Hoist smashes technological monopoly and bridges the gap in the market

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With years of development, a new member has been added to Novocranes’ product list -- NDR Clean Room Electrical Hoist. NDR hoist attracts the attension of both domestic and overseas users. It not only broke the market dominance built up by foreign companies but also pioneered the domestic supply.

With the purpose of catering for market demand and backed by its strong R&D capability, Novocranes independently developed this NDR Clean Room Electric Hoist, a compact, reliable and efficient new wire rope electrical hoist which can be widely applied in high-precision electronics, aerospace, food, electronics, aviation, precision machinery, pharmacy industries, etc.

Currently in China, the lifting equipments used in dust-free environments like medical, food, chemical, precision electronic, photo-magnetic and space navigation industries are mainly imported from overseas. Given this market condition, the newly launched Novocranes’ NDR Clean Room Electronic Hoist not only provides a much more cost effective option over the imported products but also reduces the lead time significantly with even more benefits due to the better after-sale service.

Backed by the superior R&D system of Novocranes and learned from the leading global technologies, Novocranes has continually increased its investment in clean room electronic hoists. It strives to command top technologies among the domestic manufacturers of clean room electronic hoist, develop high-performance clean room electronic hoists of internationally leading level, and break the market dominance set up by Japan, Korea and Germany in manufacturing clean room electronic hoists.

As introduced by the professional designing engineer of Novocranes, this product, of which the R&D started in 2013, can guarantee compliance with cleanliness requirements of workshops, low noise operation and avoidance of static electricity by its high performance. Its hermetical design can effectively prevent the generation of tiny dust particles and the stainless steel rails can fundamentally eradicate the source of pollution.

Since its emerging into the market with small batches initially, the NDR Clean Room Electric Hoist had been well accepted by our customers.. With further optimization and improvement, NDR Clean Room Electric Hoist has been chosen by a number of major crane makers. The emerging of NDR Clean Room Electric Hoist completely changed the market which had been dominated by imported products for long time.

Before Novocranes entered into the sector, the supply of clean room hoists lagged behind the demand and dominated by overseas import which carried high price tags with restrained supply. Commited to provide customers with competitive equipment and cost effective solutions, Novocranes roll out its new product line of high performance clean room electric hoists after years of research and preparation with consistent focus on innovation and technology.

News Release