Company Profile

Novocranes featuring the advanced principles and concepts of German design, inherited the consistently improved manufacturing processes and the stringent quality assurance systems. Novocranes is committed to providing products of high performance and high cost effectiveness. We provide you a comprehensive range of products including NCH electric chain hoists, NWH electric wire rope hoists, NDR environment friendly clean electric hoists, explosion-proof hoists, suspension lightweight monorails, slewing jib cranes and other crane components. Novocranes’ products are widely used in Machinery, Automobile, Energy, Metallurgy, Ship building, Transportation and Logistics industries. We met our customer's satisfaction with advanced features and high quality products.

Novocranes maintains developing global cooperation with design institutes and subject matter experts, invests significant efforts into Research & Development every year to consistently innovate and improve our products. Capacity from 50kg to 100t, Novocranes provides electric hoists, light duty cranes and crane components which can be customized to meet specific requirements under various operating conditions. Novocranes established long-term technical and commercial relationships with major Chinese and International crane makers, ultimately enabled a complete one-stop solution package.

To be an innovator and pioneer, Novocranes is always keen to understand customers’ requirements and explore the opportunity of innovation and optimization. By practicing the best commitments, we assure all the customers to be satisfied.

Allied with the other crane makers, Novocranes is committed to meeting the needs of customers, providing the best product and service and creating sustainable values for customers.